We're excited to provide obedience classes and school in the near future!

Adding a puppy to your family is exciting, but it can be a lot of work for those who don't have time on their hands. 

We will provide a wide variety of class options for different ages. We'll be glad to help you find the class that best fits your needs.

According to a well-known training source, there are several different reasons why you should consider professional training for your dog. 

  1. Training isn’t just for puppies. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Learning how to communicate with your dog at any age can help keep them safe and encourage good manners. 

  2. Training is more than just “come,” “sit” and “stay.” Positive, rewards-based training teaches you how to redirect inappropriate actions and reward good behavior.

  3. Training helps solve unwanted behaviors. Nipping, jumping up, potty issues, bolting out the front door and many more can be addressed. 

  4. Training lets you take your dog with you more often. Being responsive to your cues in different environments and walking nicely on leash are just a few benefits of training.

  5. Dogs are easily distracted. Training classes with other pet parents and dogs in our stores help simulate real-world scenarios that teach you and your dog to focus.

  6. Training is rewarding. It feels good when you and your dog master cues.

  7. Dogs need physical and mental stimulation. Training helps keeps them from getting bored and mischievous.

  8. Training helps strengthen your bond. It sets up you and your dog for a lifetime of trust and continued learning.

  9. Training makes dogs more confident. That’s very helpful for shy or timid pups.

  10. Training is fulfilling for you and your dog. Your dog wants to please you, and nothing is more impressive than a well-trained dog having fun showing off their skills.

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