How much do they cost?

Our kittens are $2,000 (pet price) We require a $500 deposit to reserve your kitten 

How do you reserve a specific kitten? 

We begin reserving specific kittens when they're two weeks old. We feel this gives a fair chance to know what you're kitten is going to look like. In the first two weeks, coloring can change! We are open to deposits when the kittens are born. Whenever the kittens turn two weeks old, we will begin "picking" in order of deposits. 

How do I give you a deposit to reserve a kitten?

We use PayPal for deposits. If you decide to make a deposit, please send it as "friends and family." If you choose to send it as "goods and services," you will be responsible for sending the additional $15 fee. 

How is a kitten "shipped?" 

Depending on your location, we're happy to ship your kitten to you. We can use ground transportation to your door, or we can fly your kitten to you. We generally use Southwest Airlines. The cheapest option would be to pick your kitten up yourself. 

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